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Friday, July 10, 2009

Shadeland - Escape Plan

The one year I went to Warped (band lineups have sucked the past few years...especially this year) a local Indianapolis band approached my friend and I. They offered me this CD if I promised to come see their set later. Well, I got the CD, but forgot to watch their set. I probably wouldn't have anyway even if I remembered. Obviously that band was Shadeland.

One day I was listening to this with headphones on and fell asleep (not necessarily because it was boring). I woke up and was confused as fuck. I was all drowsy and heard a lot of voices talking. I looked at the cd and it was still playing 11 minutes into the last track. I guess there's a little secret thing at the end. And I remember they start talking about masturbation and segue into talking about having a Friends trivia game on their bus or something. One of them calls Friends "pretty masturbatory". Any band that plays and or masturbates to Friends triva is alright with me. I'd tell you more about the music but I don't listen to this one too often. Just look at the RIYL section. I don't listen to those bands either so I can't tell you how accurate it is. The vocals are similar to Incubus though. So check them out on Myspace too. Enjoy.

Myspace Page
RIYL: Incubus, Thursday, Dredg

Quality: VBR
Mediafire: DOWNLOAD

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