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Friday, July 24, 2009

Abraham (Jettingham) - Neato

If you've ever heard of this band, it's either because you're from Indiana, or you know them as Jettingham. Abraham was a local band from around here that got somewhat popular, and got some decent radio play with their song "Cheating". When they got signed, they changed their name to Jettingham, and kept a lot of the songs on here to put on their major label (I think it was a major label...) debut. "Cheating" was on the American Pie 2 soundtrack actually. There's some pretty good tunes on this one, the aforementioned song being the best. Now they're broken up and hate each other or something. Some article apparently called them "the next Three Doors Down". Ha.

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RIYL: American Hi-Fi, Allister, the music you hear when you click on their Myspace link

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  1. seriously the next 3 doors down? a better comparison would be a new found glory or as you put american hi-fi. thanks for the upload I lost my copy of this cd years ago