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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Little-T and One Track Mike - Fome Is Dape

This is actually one of my favorite albums ever. It's just a really fun hip hop album. A lot of the lyrics are kind of goofy, but they really grown on you. You might remember their one semi-hit song "Shaniqua" about how Little-T keeps getting called at his dorm room by people asking for a girl named Shaniqua, to which he replies "Shaniqua don't live here no mo". Slick Rick has a guest appearance on the track "Guidance Counselor" (a personal favorite) and Ben Kweller plays guitar on the song "A Little More", which Little-T doesn't even rap on. Instead the group's friend (and possibly band member) Shank Bone Mystic sings on it. It's a really nice old school soul/R&B song. I also just want to mention the song "Wings" because it's so good. I highly recommend this album. Unfortunately, this is the only album they put out. Little-T still puts out music under the name Tim Fite. I think he has one hip hop album and some folk stuff.

I also have a song they did for the Scooby Doo soundtrack and the TRL Christmas compilation.
Leave a comment if you'd like to see those put up here. Link
RIYL:...I don't know anyone to compare them to. Asher Roth?

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  1. Leaving a comment because these guys rule. If you've got more you can put up, do it. Cheers!

  2. Thank you! This album is my little gem.