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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Big Audio Dynamite II - Rush (Single)

I used to really be into The Clash. I heard that Mick Jones, their guitarist and sometimes singer had a project called Big Audio Dynamite after The Clash ended. I found this in a cd bin at a Goodwill a little while after I heard about them and bought it. It's a single, so it's only 4 songs. There's the song Rush, a dance mix of it, a live version of it, and then a song called City Lights. I only remember what the original Rush sounds like, but I know that it's pretty decent. It's like a mix of rock, dance, and hip hop. If you like the Clash, and haven't heard these guys before, give it a listen.

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RIYL: The Clash, Carbon/Silicon, The Fixx

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