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Saturday, August 1, 2009

These Enzymes - The Henry E.P. (UPDATE)

UPDATE: NO LONGER SHITTY BITRATE AND REMIX PARTS. I bought a copy and ripped it in VBR. This new version also has all the different separate parts/solo instruments/vox of the song Goodnight For Bad Guy so you can make your own remixes.

This hardcore group consists of Mike Kennerty and Chris Gaylor of All American Rejects, a guy named Andrew Palmer (who apparently played in bands called Burnpile, The Lunchbunch, and Zildo), and former Sons of Abraham/Irony of Lightfoot frontman Neil Rubenstein. I first heard of these guys because Matt Taylor, the bass player for Motion City Soundtrack played with them for a little while or something. I don't remember. But there's a connection between the two bands, so I checked them out. I could only really find one song from them called "Song 1 (AKA Goodnight Bad Guy)", but I really liked it. Eventually through some very sneaky sneaky method, I obtained the other four tracks. Unfortunately they aren't the best quality. 96kbps, but surprisingly listenable. If anyone has a better quality version of this, let me know. Leave a comment. Actually, if you like anything you see on this site, leave a comment so I know if anyone actually uses this site.

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  1. I had no idea these dudes were in a hard core band I can't wait to hear this... never was a fan of AAR but I'll give this a shot

  2. been looking for this for awhile...thank you!