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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Everything - Super Natural

I've got a thing for 90's music, so I had to check out this cd. I had heard the song Hooch by these guys (and you probably have too, even if you don't realize was on the radio, and Water Boy, and Scrubs), and figured their other stuff probably had to be good too. And it is. But nothing else on this cd is as good as Hooch, or very similar to it. These guys sound like a younger, hipper, late-nineties Dave Matthews Band. They're sort of jammy and have a sax in a lot of the songs. I don't even really like Dave Matthews Band, but I enjoyed this album. I haven't listened to it enough to write much else about the songs on it, but it turned out really good for being pretty much a blind purchase.

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RIYL: Dave Matthews Band, 90's bands, groovin

Quality: VBR
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