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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Hang Ups - He's After Me

A few weeks ago I was watching Chasing Amy. I'd seen it before, but never paid attention to the music I guess. In the Holden and Alyssa hanging out montage scene, there's a song called "Jump Start" playing. It's so perfectly 90's, and it's a great mood setter. I had to get the album. This one was pretty expensive for an old used cd. Like $7 I think. That's not a lot of money or anything, but usually when I buy used cds they're in the $0-$3 range. I'd describe these guys as early 90's power-pop rock. The album opener, "Waiting", is really good, and got me excited for the rest of the cd. However, there's only about 4 songs that I find myself listening to if I'm not popping the cd in to listen to the whole thing. If you like 90's music, you'll love some of these songs though.

RIYL: 90's music, Deep Blue Something, Supertramp...sort of
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  1. Thanks! Been looking EVERYWHERE for this album!!!