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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Custom - Fast

According to Wikipedia..."Custom (also known as Duane Lavold) is a Canadian-born, New York-based rock musician best known for his song "Hey Mister"." I remember listening to Hey Mister when it was new. And awesome. It's no longer new, but it's still awesome. The video for it was banned from MTV because they thought it was pedophilic and offensive to women even though the chick in the video was 22. Custom is sort of like a grittier Beck, I guess. Alternative rock with some hip-hoppish elements thrown in every once in a while. Lots of sexual lyrics, drug lyrics, and bad lyrics. The only copy of this I can find on a blog is something like 96 kbps, so here's a better version.

Myspace Page
RIYL: Beck, early 2000's, and according to Edwin, Treble Charger

Quality: VBR
Mediafire: DOWNLOAD

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