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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Helicopter Helicopter - By Starlight

I first heard these guys (and girl) on the cartoon Clone High (which is possibly the greatest not-for-kids cartoon ever it NOW). Their song "By Starlight" was on the unofficial soundtrack I downloaded, and it's an awesome song. After a lot of searching, I ended up buying it. Unfortunately, like most things I buy and post on this blog, the one song I had previously heard was the best. The other songs aren't bad, but nothing else stood out after one or two listens. I'll have to listen to it more. It's sort of like early 2000's alternative rock/power-pop with 90's emo influences. Something about them, particularly the title track, reminds me of newer Saves The Day.

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RIYL: Rainer Maria, newer Saves The Day, The Replacements

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