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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Party Foul

Party Foul was another local band from Indiana. The singer is a friend of mine, but he moved to Chicago for college and the band seemed to be looking for a singer for a while. Today I realized that they officially announced that they were done a couple of days ago. This wasn't really a surprise because they weren't making new music or playing shows, but it gave me the idea that I should post their stuff here.

They're hardcore pop-punk, or posi-core, or whatever it's called. Gang vocals, positive lyrics, power chords, and double bass. It's good stuff. This is all I could find of them. 7 tracks (one intro), and if you like one, you'll probably like the rest. I remember seeing them playing in another friend's basement on his birthday and there was some middle aged Asian couple watching it and they looked uncomfortable as shit. And the band also played a Creed song. So that was amusing. Oh, and that's chocolate milk that he's throwing up in that picture. Not vomit. Well, I guess anything you throw up is vomit...ok I'm done now.

Oh, and check out My Own Orion. It's the singer's solo piano project.

RIYL: Daggermouth, Fireworks, Set Your Goals
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